Empress Elisabeth of Russia (with Allison Epstein)

This week we’re talking about the six-foot-tall fashion and party-loving queen who had a loving male companion she discovered singing in a choir… no, not Mary QofS, it’s Empress Elisabeth!!! With a thrilling cameo of a past VH fav but I’ll wait for you to hear until I reveal who it is!!

We’re joined by Allison Epstein, whose new book Let The Dead Bury the Dead takes place in olde timey Russia. Buy a copy of it at bookshop.org or anywhere you get books, and join the Vulgar History Book Club discussion at vulgarhistory.com/bookclub from Oct 18-Nov 15!!

Want to know what Allison has to say about the TV series The Great?  Check out the Patreon-only Aftershow where she airs her grievances.

Other Allison Epstein links:

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Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie (there is a great chapter in this about Elisabeth)


Article from the Moscow Kremlin Museum on Elisabeth’s coronation

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Blog post on La Chevaliere in Russia

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