Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots: Part Two

This week in the thrilling conclusion of Margaret Tudor’s story we get: two terrible husbands! Several infant and child kidnappings! Sneaking across the border more than once! A shocking alliance on par with Margaret of Anjour/Warwick and Rani Didda/Phalguna! Cannon-based divorce drama cause that’s just how they do it in Scotland! And: her scandilicious score. As Henry VIII would say: Herman, my pills!!

Recommended next listening: the episode about Margaret Douglas from season 4, because that’s Margaret Tudor’s daughter and we talk more about what happened with her. 


Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots: The Life of King Henry VIII’s Sister, by Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sisters to the King: the tumultuous lives of Henry VIII’s sisters – Margaret of Scotland and Mary of France by Maria Perry

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