Lola Montez, part two (with Allison Epstein)

Part two of our exploration of Ireland’s most scandalous heroine covers the second part of Lola Montez’s life. Can’t mention any details here, it’s all best experienced as guest Allison Epstein (A Tip for the Hangman) did, by just vibing out while I tell the tale.

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** I forgot to announce Lola’s total scandilicious score in the episode, scroll to the bottom of these notes to see what it is **

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The Lonely Empress by Joan Haslip

Lola Montez: A Life, by Bruce Seymour

** Lola Montez got a 23. Here is where that puts her on the overall scale:

Catalina de Erauso 23.5

Lola Montez 23

Boudica 23

Christopher Marlowe 22.5

Empress Sisi 21

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