Queen Min, part two

In the second part of the saga of Queen Min, we see her extremely competently take control of the Joseon kingdom during a wildly chaotic period in time. China, Japan, Russia, and the US are all at play here and Min has to try and play them all off one another to try and prevent Joseon from falling to any. Meanwhile the father in law from hell, Daewongun, is STILL trying to get rid of her; some of her enemies realize they can manipulate her husband (the literal King) Gojong; she evades at least two major assassination attempts; she kind of rises from the dead; and does she let these things stop her; NO!! (until one of these things sadly does stop her; but does that let Gojong let that be the end of her story; NO!!!)

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Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

Tragic Facts About Queen Min, The Ghost Empress Of Korea

Queen Min was a rose hiding a deadly thorn. Born into a world of privilege and luxury, Min’s classic beauty covered up her incredible cunning. Korean courtiers watched as Min played a dangerous game of thrones, transforming herself from teenage consort into a terrifying ruler in her own right.








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