23: Keeping Up With Les Mazarinettes

We all know by now how iconic Hortense Mancini was. Is it any wonder that the other Mazarinettes were just as cool? This week, we tie up the Hortense saga with a look at the stories of Anna Marie Martinozzi, Laura Martinozzi, Laura Mancini, Olympe Mancini, Marie Mancini, and Marianne Mancini along with Boy Mazarinette Philippe Mancini.

Between these seven we have: one musketeer, two accused poisoners, one iconic courthouse strut, one nighttime fleeing from the law, at least one pretty cool husband, at least one escape from a convent, and more!



The Affair of the Poisons by Anne Somerset

Love and Louis XIV by Antonia Fraser https://bookshop.org/a/1419/9781400033744

The Kings’ Mistresses: The Liberated Lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and Her Sister Hortense, Duchess Mazarin by Elizabeth C. Goldsmith https://bookshop.org/a/1419/9781586488895

Marie Mancini, Princesse Colonna

Anna Maria Mancini, adopted, like her sisters and cousins, the French version of her name, Marie, as she came to France. Born on August 28, 1639, to the Italian aristocrat and necromancer Lorenzo Mancini and Geronima Mazzarini, sister of Cardinal de Mazarin, Marie was the sister of Laure, Olympe, Hortense, Marie Anne and the first love…

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